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Reminded by friends
by Estee in

My family and I just returned home from a week of Celebrations.  We celebrated my husband's Jason's ordination as an elder in the UMC.  Then, we continued to another ordination service for my friend Ray Altman. Weeks like this past one remind me of the blessing of friendship.  There are friends who are mentors -- people who have helped us along with advice, guidance, support and critique.  Mary Spradlin and Mike McKee, Jason and I  give thanks for your mentoring in our lives.  There are new friends who are beacons of our life ahead.  People that we know we will continue to share life with and who make us hopeful about the future that we will create together.  And, most poignantly for me, there are old friends who remind us of where we began and who  we were when we started.  When I look back through this lens, I see forward much more clearly.  If only it didn't take a special event to make this happen!  May you cherish the friendships in your life and take time to foster those that need attention and build new ones where the ground is fertile.


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