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Prayer at Texas House of Representatives
by Estee in

Today, I had the honor of giving the prayer of invocation at the Texas House of Representatives.  I'm grateful to Barbara Nash for this opportunity!  The House is currently struggling to finalize the budget by the end of their session on Memorial Day.  With the significant education funding shortfalls, prayer for their work seemed especially pertinent today.  Below is the prayer I gave at the House:

Creator God, ruler of the universe, in you we find the way of peace and reconciliation and hope. 
We give you thanks for the privilege and freedom of selecting those who govern us.
I pray this morning for these members who have been elected to the task of representing your people. 
Theirs is a large responsibility. The issues they face are complex and challenging. 
Guide them O God, to see their decisions in the light of your purpose. 
Illuminate for them the ways of justice and compassion. 
Grant them insight to recognize the needs of those they represent, and remove their suspicions and misunderstandings that they may honor all people. 
In this final week of anxiety and stress, sustain and empower them to work swiftly and diligently to serve the common good.

As we prepare for the work of this day, we lift to you our state and its citizens:

Look graciously, O Lord, upon this land.
Where it is in pride, subdue it.
Where it is in need, supply it.
Where it is in error, rectify it.
Where it is in default, restore it.
And where it holds to that which is just and compassionate, support it.[1]

[1] Church of Pakistan, 20th Cent., United Methodist Church Book of Worship, no. 516.


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