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Debt - Christians and the economy
by Estee in

I went to the gym this morning and watched the morning news for the first time in quite a while.  We usually don't have it on at breakfast time, because it's annoying to have a TV and a 3 year old blaring at the same time.  But, as I walked on the treadmill and listened to Good Morning America, I was struck by how many people have opinions on everything.  The topics of the morning were the 2012 elections and the economy.  2012 is a long way off still, but we have plenty of opinions about the candidates.  The economy is not a future reality but a present one, and one that I know is extremely important.  And yet, people continue to scream and shout about what they think our government should do to strengthen the economy.  If there was a clear answer, don't you think they'd already have it figured out by now?  Why all the rhetoric and the pontificating?  And it's the problem a very complex one, something that is more involved than can be explained in a two minute segment with flashy pictures?

I read an interesting article that helped me to put things in perspective a bit, and I hope it might help you too.  Check out: Debt and the Cost of Discipleship


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