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by Estee in

The following video had me mesmerized for the full ten minutes. Fascinating to hear and fascinating to watch. And it is somewhat related to my last post about starting with why -- this video is about the source of human motivations. Enjoy!


Jamie Valendy said...

I really enjoyed this video. And, it's true that this has been proven over and over again. We talk about it in my classes. We seem to have this motivational mindset so engrained in us (which stems mostly from factory work, where it was all task related - how quickly we can make so many widgets), that we have a difficult time breaking out of it. It is a societal obstacle that we continue to face. Intriguing!

the_Tmac said...

Estee!! Thank you for your sweet note. I'm so glad you found me because I now I have some Estee goodness for my dashboard. I look forward to reading more, this was interesting!

Have you read Freakonomics? Alan handed that off to me for some fun vacation reading and it was really interesting like this, all about incentives and crazy studies...you'd probably love it.

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